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We are a leading OEM Manufacturer of schneider servo motor bch2lf0733ca5c, schneider servo motor bmh1002p32a2a w/o brake, schneider servo motor sh30553p11a2000, schneider servo motor bch0802o12a1c and schneider integrated drive ila with servo motor ila1f571pb1a0 from Rajkot, India.

Schneider Servo Motor BCH2LF0733CA5C

Schneider Servo Motor BCH2LF0733CA5C
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Approx. Rs 11,000 / Piece
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Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
TypeCopper Motor
Model Name/NumberBCH2LF0733CA5C
Speed3000 Rpm
Input PhaseThree Phase

FeaturesThe Lexium 28 range is defined by AC-servo drives LXM28 for combination with AC-servo motors BCH2.
The Lexium 28 range offers predeterminated combinations to suit the requirements of motion control applications and optimize the performance of the installation. The bundle of a servo drive with its related servo motor is designed to cover a nominal power from 50 W up to 4.5 kW.

Servo range with best-in-class performance
The predefined servo bundles of Lexium 28 servo drive & Lexium BCH2 servo motor are optimized for easy integration & commissioning in your machine. It includes standard interfaces, embedded safety function and DC bus sharing.

Reduce time to market

  • Automatic tuning and motor identification
  • PLCopen motion library

Increase profitability

  • Designed for optimized & cost effective solutions
  • Drive embedded safety function: safe-torque-off

Improve efficiency

  • Energy efficient because of DC bus sharing
  • Pre-defined servo bundles for all machine types

Simplify integration & maintenance,

  • Standard field bus interface CANopen / CANmotion
  • Pulse-train-input (PTI) and Pulse-train-output (PTO) interfaces
  • Digital input interface to control simple movements directly by the servo drive: position sequence mode
  • Analog input interface +/-10 V for speed control mode

Intuitive commissioning & programming
SoMachine® is the universal programming software for machines automated by MachineStruxure controllers. Simple navigation that requires only fewer clicks delivers a more efficient engineering process. All programming, visualization, and commissioning are handled in just one intuitive tool that is available as a free download. In addition to SoMachine the SoMove setupsoftware can be used for the commissioning of Lexium 28. This could be done in just the same way as it is on other Schneider Electric drives and starters, to configure, adjust, debug, and maintain the drive.

The Lexium servo drives and servo motors are part of MachineStruxure. The NEXT generation of MachineStruxure™ from Schneider Electric is an intuitive solution for machine automation with all the features and functions you need to build machines that will improve your bottom line. From design and development, to commissioning and maintenance, MachineStruxure is a complete machine building solution with benefits all through the machine life cycle. 

BenefitsLexium 28 and Lexium BCH2 - the optimized servo bundle for all motion control solutions:

  • Cost effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Embedded safety
ApplicationsLearn more about our machine control solutions!

Models & Ratings
  • BCH2MBA533CA5C
  • BCH2MB0133CA5C
  • BCH2LD0233CA5C
  • BCH2LD0433CA5C
  • BCH2LF0433CA5C
  • BCH2HF0733CA5C
  • BCH2LF0733CA5C
  • BCH2LH1033CA6C
  • BCH2MM1023CA6C
  • BCH2MM1523CA6C

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: BCH2LF0733CA5C
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Schneider Servo Motor BMH1002P32A2A W/O Brake

Schneider Servo Motor BMH1002P32A2A W/O Brake
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Approx. Rs 12,000 / Piece
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Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
TypeCopper Motor
Model Name/NumberBMH1002P32A2A


For the Leading Edge

  • Three book-size servo drive models and two servo motor families plus a full range of intelligent options
  • Lexium 32 simplifies all aspects in the machine lifecycle from engineering to maintenance

Superior performance and compact design

  • A speed bandwidth of 1,600 Hz provides outstanding response
  • With a power density of 548 W/l Lexium 32 packs maximum power into minimum volume
  • This saves on cabinet space and size, reduces the machine footprint and decreases costs

Simplified engineering, installation and commissioning

  • Powerful integration software simplifies the entire process from planning to commissioning
  • The new Autotuning function makes tuning easier than ever before
  • Lexium 32 offers a host of features for rapid installation and maintenance e. g. removable, colour-coded connectors
  • SoMove software for configuring on PC and transferring the configuration via Bluetooth® or using a cable

Open for the world of motion

  • Lexium 32 supports a wide selection of interfaces for fast integration into architectures
  • Communication boards, encoder options and accessories adapt your Lexium 32 solution
  • Leverage the full power of existing assets such as applications or legacy motors.

Integrated safety

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Schneider Servo Motor SH30553P11A2000

Schneider Servo Motor SH30553P11A2000
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Approx. Rs 11,000 / Piece
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Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Model Name/NumberSH30553P11A2000
Input PhaseThree Phase
Motor TypeAC


In a conventional stand-alone design with integrated 3-phase power supply, Lexium 52 series servo drives are particularly well suited for economical configuration of servo drive solutions with self-contained single axes. The drives communicate via Sercos with the PacDrive 3 controller and offer embedded digital I/O. They are available in five different power levels, ranging from 1.5 to 24 A continuous current and 6 to 72 A peak current.

Lexium 52 stand alone servo drives can be controlled with all PacDrive LMC motion controllers of the Eco and Pro/Pro 2 Eco series. They match in particular with the smaller PacDrive LMC Eco controllers, when only few servo axes are required. Lexium 52 servo drives are all equipped with electronic name plates, so the controller recognizes the drives and configures them automatically.

Dynamic, highly efficient servo motors form the basis for servo solutions with Lexium 52. The Lexium SH3, MH3, and the SHS stainless steel servo motors cover a wide range of performance and flange sizes. All motors are equipped with electronic name plates, which is  making them an integral component of the PacDrive 3 automation system, too. 

The Lexium 52 servo drive offer increases machine performance due to the following characteristics :
• Power ratings between 0.4 and 7 kW (0.536 and 9.383 hp)
• Overload capacity: high peak current (up to 4 times the continuous current)
• Increases the range of movement
• Power density: the compact size of the servo drives offers maximum efficiency in a small space
• Compliance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements

Hardwired invert enable safety input (STO), internal braking resistor and internal EMC-filter are making Lexium 52 a ready-to-use-solution. With an option concept an individual drive solutions can be created :
• External braking resistors, when the servo motor has to be braked frequently
• Additional EMC input filters to reduce conducted emissions on the line supply below the limits of standard IEC/EN 61800-3 edition 2, category C2 or C3.
• Line chokes for improved protection against overvoltages/ to reduce harmonic distortion of the current

BenefitsAs it is a stand-alone servo drive concept, Lexium 52 provides an ideal counter balance to the Lexium 62 multi axis servo system, making the PacDrive system to one of the most scalable and flexible motion control solutions available on the market. Lexium 52 is the pillar for economical automation of PacDrive-based solutions with few axes.
With side-by-side mounting and high power density Lexium 52 servo drives provide maximum power with minimum cabinet space. Electronic name plates, color-coded plug-in connectors, easily accessible on the front panel or on top of the servo drives all make maintenance quick and less expensive. Integrated safety functions reduce design times and make it easier to comply with safety standards.ApplicationsLexium 52  stand-alone servo drives meet the typical requirements of  production and packaging machinery, as well as material handling and assembly systems.
  • General machine control 
  • Packaging machine automation
  • Material Handling

Models & Ratings
  • SH30551P01A2000            SH31001P02F2100
  • SH30551P02A2000            SH31001P11A2000
  • SH30551P11A2000           SH31001P11F2000
  • SH30552P01A2000            SH31001P12F2000 
  • SH30552P02F2000            SH31002P01A2000
  • SH30552P12A2000           SH31002P01F2000

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SH30553P11A2000
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Schneider Servo Motor BCH0802O12A1C

Schneider Servo Motor BCH0802O12A1C
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Approx. Rs 11,000 / Piece
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Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Usage/ApplicationServo Motor
Model Name/NumberBCH0802O12A1C
Input PhaseThree Phase
Motor TypeAC


Easy integration
The Lexium 23 Plus servo drives have numerous functions such as speed and torque control, auto-tuning, and positioning.
An open communication concept enables simple integration into a wide range of different control system architectures.

Simple commissioning and lower installation costs
The Lexium 23 CT PC commissioning software has an auto-tuning function which enables an extremely fast startup.
The simplicity of the wiring of the servo drives simplifies installation and reduces global installation costs.

Compact range
The compact size of the servo drives makes it ideal for use where space is limited.


Depending on the model, the servo drives feature standard digital and analog I/O and one of the following communication interfaces:

  • Interface for CANopen/CANmotion machine bus (LXM23A).
  • Pulse/direction (P/D) interface (LXM23D).

Suitable for a very wide variety of applications thanks to the four levels of inertia offered: ultra low, low, medium, and high.


High-performance servo drive dedicated to simple machine applications

The Lexium 23 Plus servo range is all you need to optimize your motion control the efficient way.

Combined with the powerful BCH servo motor, the Lexium 23 Plus servo drive will enhance your installation through added efficiency and flexibility. Depending on your installation, a range of options to further maximise your performance is available as well.

The compact size of the range makes it ideal for use where space is limited and helps you reduce the size of your machine, all while you reduce the costs of your global installation.

  • Material handling (conveying, palletisers, warehousing, pick & place, etc.)
  • Assembly (clamping, etc.)
  • Printing (winding, unwinding, labelling, etc.)
  • Packaging (folding, unfolding, gluing, etc.)
  • Machine tools (multi-axis machines, cutting machines, etc.)
Models & Ratings
  • BCH0401O12A1C
  • BCH0601O12A1C
  • BCH0601O12F1C
  • BCH0601O32A1C
  • BCH0602O12A1C
  • BCH0602O32A1C
  • BCH0801O12A1C
  • BCH0802O12A1C
  • BCH0802O12F1C
  • BCH0802O32A1C
  • BCH1001O12A1C
  • BCH1302N12A1C
  • BCH1302N12F1C
  • BCH1302N32A1C 
  • BCH1303M12A1C
  • BCH1303N12A1C
  • BCH1304N12A1C
  • BCH1304N12F1C
  • BCH1802M12A1C
  • BCH1802N12A1C
  • BCH1803M12A1C
  • BCH1803N12A1C

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: BCH0802O12A1C
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Schneider Integrated Drive Ila With Servo Motor Ila1f571pb1a0

Schneider Integrated Drive Ila With Servo Motor Ila1f571pb1a0
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Approx. Rs 15,000 / Piece
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Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Output Power4.5 A at 16 kHz
Output Current1.4 kW at 4 kHz
Input Voltage24 V DC
Input Phase3 - Phase
Model Name/NumberILA1F571PB1A0


Lexium Integrated Drive ILA

  • With AC synchronous servo motor
  • Superior dynamics and high torque
  • Closed-loop drive system with high-resolution encoder

Lexium Integrated Drive ILE

  • With brushless DC motor
  • High detent torque
  • Absolute position feedback

Lexium Integrated Drive ILS

  • With stepper motor
  • High torque at low speeds
  • Superior constant velocity characteristics

Compact design

  • Everything integrated in a single device
  • 50% of space reduction in the control cabinet
  • 40% decrease in wiring

Open Communication

  • All important fieldbus interfaces are available (CANopen, DeviceNet, RS 485, PROFIBUS DP, Ethernet Powerlink, EtherCAT, ModbusTCP)

Integrated safety

  • "Safe Torque Off" functionality prevents unintended machine starts as per IEC/EN 61800-5-2 for operator safety

Easy Installation and Commissioning

  • 25% reduction in installation time with Lexium Commissioning tool
  • Two different connection technologies: printed circuit board or industrial connectors


Decentralised motion solutions with integrated drives

Lexium Integrated Drives integrate motor, positioning controller, power electronics, fieldbus and safety function in a single device. Each motor technology offers a wide range of applications for decentralised motion solutions.

  • Printing, paper, packaging
  • Handling, labelling
  • Textile industry
  • Electronics manufacture
  • Medical technology.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ILA1F571PB1A0
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